Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Stream Online – Even though the year 2020 has been a disappointment due to pandemic situations, there are few things happening around which are very exciting. The boxing action is back and we are heading towards an exciting match. The start of 2021 is exciting as Mayweather will go face to face against Logan Paul in an exhibition match. There are many boxing fans around the world and are looking on the internet for how to watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream anywhere in the world. So we decided to address this question and here is the complete detailed article.

It’s official that Floyd Mayweather will go head to head against Logan Paul on 20th February 2021 at TBD.

Event Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul
Tournament Exhibition Match
Date 20th February 2021
Venue TBD
Live Stream Watch Now

Mayweather vs Logan Paul:: Official Stream

Are you looking for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul’s official stream? Well, when you will search around the web, you will get numerous stream alternatives that will be illegal or costly. But if you wish to know the official stream, you are in the right place. Here, first, we will share the official stream and then give you alternatives to that stream. 

The exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will be streamed live on Fanmio on 20th February 2021.


It has been reported that the live boxing stream between Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will be aired on Fanmio.

But Wait! What is Fanmio? Well, this is one of the most asked questions. Fanmio is an online platform streaming boxing matches.

Fanmio will be the official broadcaster for the match. There are also rumors that the match will be on pay per view basis. The network is available in various languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. So if you have subscribed to Fanmio then you can easily stream the match live. But if you don’t have access to Fanmio then check out other methods to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Stream Anywhere in the world

How Can I Stream Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live in:

There are boxing fans all over the world. Be it any part of the world, Mayweather vs Logan Paul have fans across the world. So with different geographical regions, the ways of streaming also differ. From different TV telecasts, it becomes difficult for fans to know exactly where to watch the Logan Paul vs Mayweather live. 

United States

Boxing is one of the most-watched sports in the United States of America. So if you are residing in the US, then switch to Fox PPV. With this streaming option, you can enjoy the Mayweather vs Logan live only in the US. 

United Kingdom

Sports fans in the United Kingdom are known for their love for sports. The UK is a sporting hub for various sports. From football to boxing, all sporting events are received well in the United Kingdom. If you are residing in the UK and willing to watch upcoming boxing matches then you need to tune to Sky Sports, Now TV or BT Sports.   


Let’s find out which channel to tune to enjoy the boxing live stream in France. The upcoming match between Flyod Mayweather on 20th February 2021 can be streamed live in France as well. To enjoy the boxing stream live, subscribe to DAZN or Bein Sports. 


India is a country where cricket is considered as a religion. But did you know that the country with a 135 crore population has a huge fan following for boxing? Knowing this fact, broadcasters also act accordingly. Sony Six has grabbed the broadcasting rights for the upcoming boxing matches. So people in India should tune to Sony Six or Sony Ten. If you wish to watch the matches online then download the Sony LIV app on your mobile phones. 

How to Watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Stream

Well, many eager fans have started looking for how and when to watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul Boxing Match Live Stream. So here we have decided to share all the details regarding the streaming. This includes TV telecast to online streaming options.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live TV Guide

The fight between Mayweather vs Paul is unlikely to be broadcasted on television. This surely depends on the country to country but in the United Kingdom, the fans need to go online to enjoy the match. 


DAZN is a new sports channel launched in 2015. DAZN will stream the boxing live stream in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, Spain and Brazil. DAZN is a channel that focuses on various sports events like football, boxing, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf and many more. DAZN supports online streaming on laptops, mobile apps, game consoles and smart TV.


ESPN + which is pronounced as ESPN Plus is an OTT platform founded in 2018. The ESPN+ is serviceable only in the United States of America. ESPN+ holds broadcasting rights for various sporting events which include cricket, football, golf, UFC, Tennis and many more. The upcoming Joshua vs Pulev boxing live stream will be available on ESPN+.

Sky Sports

Are you residing in the UK? If yes, Sky Sport is not a new term for you. Sky Sports is a sports channel in the United Kingdom. From cricket, football, F1 action, tennis and boxing, Sky Sports stream various other sporting events from all over the world. The upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Logn Paul can be viewed live on Sky Sports. So if you are in the UK, subscribe to Sky Sports to enjoy boxing live streaming.

beIN Sports

beIN Sports is a famous sports network in the Middle East, the United States and Europe. beIN Sports have various dedicated channels for football and various other sports. The network also has bought the rights for the various boxing matches. So you can subscribe to beIN sports if you wish to enjoy the legendary match – Mayweather vs Logan Paul.

Sony Six

As we said earlier, India is a country with a lot of population and love for sports. Sony has realized that and they have grabbed the broadcasting rights for MMA and boxing fights. The upcoming fight between Mayweather vs Logan Paul can be viewed on Sony Six. So boxing fans from India need to tune to Sony Six and enjoy the match. 

Recommended Stream to Watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Online

Here in this article, above we mentioned Logan Paul vs Mayweather Live TV telecast. But in 2021, there are millions of fans who prefer enjoying sports online. So fans who want to watch the matches online, below we will share the complete list of platforms to enjoy the Boxing Live Stream Online

Fubo TV

If we’re talking about online sports streaming, FuboTV tops the list. FuboTV is one of the best online platforms to stream Mayweather vs Logan Paul. The FuboTV is serviceable in the United States, France, Spain and Canada. FuboTV cannot be accessed outside these geographical areas. Using a few geo-restriction bypassing methods, the FuboTV can be accessed from anywhere in the world. FuboTV comes with a 7-day free trial. The basic package for FuboTV starts at $64.99 per month.  

SonyLIV App

From the name itself, you might have guessed it, that Sony LIV is associated with Sony Six. Sony LIV is an app owned by Sony Networks which telecasts all Sony network programs. Using this app, users can enjoy the boxing stream. The Logan Paul vs Mayweather which is scheduled for 20th February can be viewed on the SonyLIV app. Note that this app is available in India only. Using a few bypassing methods, you can access SonyLIV from anywhere in the world. 

How to Bypass Geo-Restrictions Using VPN & Stream Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live

Be it FuboTV or SonyLIV app, both online platforms have geo-restrictions. Due to geo-restrictions, fans from different countries can’t view this content. If you are one of them, you can use the geo-restriction bypassing method. This is a simple method that can be followed by anyone from anywhere in the world. 

  1. Get ExpressVPN
  2. Connect to a server where FuboTV or SonyLIV is available.
  3. Go to FuboTV or SonyLIV and subscribe to one of these networks.
  4. Enjoy the Mayweather vs Logan Paul boxing match live.

Logan Paul vs Mayweather Live TV Telecast & Broadcasting Channels

Check out the complete list of Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live TV Telecast and Broadcasting Channels.

Country Channel
United States DAZN, ESPN+
United Kingdom Sky Sports, NowTV, BT Sport
France DAZN
India Sony Six

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Stream on Social Media Apps

Well, there is news in the air, that the upcoming epic match will be aired via social media. If that’s true, we need to know the complete details of how to watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul live on Triller, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The complete details are shared below.


Everyone is familiar with Facebook. During pandemic situations, various sports streams are officially broadcasted via Facebook. But Mayweather vs Paul will not be officially streamed on Facebook. If you are lucky and find someone streaming the match on any Facebook page (it’s illegal), do enjoy it. 


If you are looking for Logan Paul vs Mayweather live stream, finding a live stream is very difficult on Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform with a billion users. Even if you can’t find a stream on Instagram, the platform can be a source for live match updates. There are many enthusiasts who share stories regarding the updates. Go through the stories and stay updated with the match. 


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is surely going to be one of the epic matches of all time. Whatever big happens in the world, trends on Twitter. Finding a live stream is very hard on Twitter but you can stay updated with the match via Twitter. Find the hashtags trending and stay updated. 

Fight Card

The event is headlined as Mayweather vs Logan Paul but the event also has three more mouth-watering matches. Check out the fight card for the 20th of February 2021.

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